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Terms & Conditions and Practical Details:


Fee Scale Guidelines – a sliding scale based on wage

Annual Income
£20,000 - £25,000£90.00 per session
£26,000 - £32,000£95.00 per session
£33,000 - £40,000£100.00 per session

£41,000 - £48,000

Above £48,000

£105.00 per session

£110.00 per session

Session time: 50 minutes. Note: all booster sessions - the wage sliding scale applies.
Cancellation time required: 24 hrs, otherwise full fee applies. This also applies to those using insurance.

Clinic Hours

Mon – Fri

8am – 9pm

 Insurers: I am registered as a consultant practitioner with the following insurers:


Bupa, Bupa Global, Axa, WPA, Aviva, Vitality.  (A separate fee rate applies. In some insurance cases there may be an administration charge. You will be informed of this at the time of booking). Note: a £90 per hour fee is charged for all Reports.


Practical Details

For self funded clients (i.e. not insured), the initial consultation fee charged is the fee outlined in the fee scale listing - for e.g. if the wage level is above £48,000, the fee is £110.00 for the session.

  • - Booster session rates: the sliding scale rate applies.
  • - For new referrals, fees reviewed should client circumstances change (£90.00 the lowest fee scale).
  • - Rates revised annually & a fee of £90 per hour for Report writing.
  • - Cancellation time of 24 hours required, otherwise full session fee applies - this includes the first appointment, and also applies to clients using insurance. Note: if your insurance does not pay for cancellations, you will be responsible for the payment of the cancellation, and the wage scale applies.
  • - Payment via internet banking: payable on completion of each session to the therapist. The therapist will provide the banking details to you.
  • Note: If insurance funds are not in place, the therapist may need to suspend or stop the treatment. And this also applies to 2 consecutive client cancellations.

If you are paying via Internet banking, direct payment is expected on the day of session.



Your psychotherapy sessions are confidential. In order to maintain professional and sound practice, it is a requirement of BABCP accredited and UKCP registered psychotherapists to engage in regular supervision with a clinical supervisor. Your therapist may raise issues that pertain to your work during these meetings, however, your identity is not revealed. Confidentiality is breached and a third party is informed (e.g. contacting emergency services, your GP, police or the therapist’s assigned clinical supervisor), if a client states to their psychotherapist that they will either harm themselves or another human being or if the client possesses knowledge of harm or potential harm to a child under 18 years of age, or if a therapist is instructed by the law courts to present information pertaining to a criminal act. Also note, it is necesarily for all BABCP accredited therapists to have a "Clinical Will" in place. This means, that in the event of your therapist being incapacitated or in the event of therapist death, the clinical supervisor: David Dickey-Collas is the assigned professional to make the client contact. 


If you have any queries regarding the information outlined here, please seek clarification with the therapist.


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